Why Follow the Harvest?


I thought apples always popped when you ate them, and that they were full of incredibly rich, flavored juices. But it finally became a reality just how rare this is for people to enjoy. When my brother and I went to college, our college friends were blown away when we brought them apples from our harvest, and couldn’t believe how good they really tasted. Yes, our friends labeled us ‘fruit snobs’ because we were that picky. The truth is, we always thought the quality of fruit we enjoyed was normal. We actually didn't realize how special it was to be able to walk through the orchard and take our pick of the fruit. That’s when I discovered the importance of introducing as many people as I can to freshly harvested fruit. And in 2010, Follow the Harvest was born.





Our food system has become quite confusing. In Washington, fruit is plentiful, but it's not far reaching. At Follow the Harvest we are the only set of hands between you and the tree, bringing you beautiful Yakima Valley fruit grown by a handful of local farms. After all, we are one big family over here – we even get most of the fruit from our brother-in-law's orchards. We find it very important to protect and care for our environment. As a result, we bring you a good crop that is affordable and safe for the whole family!




We're Family Focused

Our families come first! We are firm believers in the infinite value of family, and know it can be challenging to make wise food decisions on their behalf. We believe in and stand behind everything we deliver. We would love to meet you in person if you have any further questions, and hope you join us in Following the Harvest. Looking forward to seeing you this summer!



We know that by keeping a close eye on soil quality and water consumption, we will be bringing you fruit for a very long time. Fruit loses nutrients every day it's off the tree, so our, as soon as possible, timetable is crucial to delivering flavorful and nutrient rich fruit.

We also know that being the only transaction between you and the farmer means your money reaches its destination that much quicker as well. This allows us to make efforts to improve and support our regional food system!