Have a question?  Here's a few of our most Frequently Asked Questions.



Do you deliver to me?

Currently we deliver to:

Liberty Lake
Otis Orchards
Spokane Valley


If you are not sure if you are in our delivery area, email us your address and we will check for you.

Do you grow all the produce you sell?

80% of the fruit comes from our brother-in-law’s orchard. The rest of the fruit is from small local farms in the lower Yakima Valley.

What is the weekly email?

The weekly email is how you order and pay for the fruit each week. Every week, a few days before delivery, you will receive an email letting you know which fruit you are receiving that week, instructions on how to care for your fruit, a list of all the extra fruits available for additional purchase, sometimes recipes, and any other information we think you might like to know. 

HOw do i pay?

The weekly email will have a link to the fruit of the week on our website. Click on the link and pay through the website. 

How do I order additional boxes of fruit?

When you receive the weekly email and see a fruit you want to try you can order a box to be delivered with your regular weekly delivery. Click on the link in the weekly email to order and pay through our shop.

Who will deliver my produce?

We have drivers who will personally deliver your produce to either your home or office. If you are not home at the time of delivery, they will place it in a shaded spot near your front door. If you have a specific spot you want the box put just let us know!

Can I still sign up after deliveries have started?

Yes! This year we are only delivering on a week to week basis so whenever you want fruit just order online and it will come that week. 

What is the referral bonus?

If you refer someone and they sign up for the Full Summer Package, you will receive a $10 fruit credit. Just respond to the weekly email or make a purchase with your account on the Shop when you want to receive your free box of fruit! The referral offer is only available until August 1st.

What if I’m going on vacation?

Since this year will be delivery only if you ordered for the week you won't miss any deliveries. 

What do I do with my empty box?

If you don't recycle, we can recycle for you. Just place it outside before the weekly fruit delivery and we will pick it up then. 


Still wondering about something? Feel free to contact us anytime!