Our Story

We're the Horsley twins, Josh and Matt. Our Grandpa, Garretson Horsley, found his way into farming Horsley Orchards in 1951 when he purchased land in the Lower Yakima Valley. His son and our father,  Loren Horsley, started helping out on the orchard when he was 10 years old and has only taken a few short breaks from the occupation to earn a degree in Horticulture and get married to our mother, Laurie. In 1976 he was back to full time farming when he took over the family orchard.

Similar to the way he was raised, Pops had us helping out on the orchard as soon as possible. What started as just digging dirt turned into driving tractors and forklifts, pruning and picking, checking irrigation and doing numerous odd jobs around the farm.

In 2010 we started Follow the Harvest, a fruit delivery service that is the direct link between farmer and buyer. We want to give you the opportunity to enjoy local Washington fruit by delivering from a number of small farms in the Lower Yakima Valley straight to you within a day or two of being picked off the tree!



Thanks for your delivery today!! Sorry I missed you! I was going to tell you that my daughter is a HUGE fan of your work! :)
— Jen, Spokane

Family Farm Promise

We promise to select only the best fruit we can find, something we call the ‘Family Farm Promise’. If we don’t grow it, we will find small, local farmers who do. This way, we are the only set of hands between you and the orchard – you'll have their fruit within a day or two of it being picked off the tree! We invite you to Follow the Harvest and enjoy the benefits of fresh and tasty fruit that is in season, and local to Washington State.