This year, we will only be offering 10 lb. and 20 lb. boxes of fruit and it will be on a week-to-week basis since we don't know yet which varieties of fruit will be available. Some weeks might be the same fruit as the week before. We will offer boxes of mixed fruit as soon as they are available. Also, the season will not last as long as it normally does. We are hoping for at least 8 weeks of fruit. 

How It Works

We grow, pick and personally deliver fruit to your door each week starting late June. It's kind of that simple.

The Goods

Curious what fruit you will be receiving? Head on over to The Shop "Add-On's"page to see what fruit is available this year. 

Honesty Pledge

See what makes Follow the Harvest different than the rest, and why family is such a big part of what we do.

Is there anyway I could buy more apples? I can’t take the store bought apples. You guys have ruined me. Could I have some more?
— Chris, Cheney

Who are we?

In 2010 I, Josh Horsley, (with the help of my dad and brother) started Follow the Harvest, a fruit delivery service that is the direct link between farmer and buyer. I want to give you the opportunity to enjoy local Washington fruit by delivering from a number of small farms in the Lower Yakima Valley straight to you as soon as the fruit is picked off the tree!